There are known training schedules under the second accreditation in the Programmer project prepared by two training institutions that have already obtained accreditation: Altkom Akademia offering a three-path training: Web front end, Full stack React / Vue, Java and C-School on two paths: Full stack React / Vue, Java. The schedule can be found here:

Please be advised that as part of the supplementary accreditation received the application of one training organizer offering two additional paths: a PHP programmer and an automated testing programmer. The application is being evaluated, the results of the accreditation will be known at the latest in the last week of July 2019. In the event of a positive evaluation, the training schedule will be made available in July 2019.

The PROGRAMATOR project is run by the TISE / Asister consortium within the framework of the Program and Pencil Program financed by the EU Operational Program Knowledge Education Development