People interested to participate to the program “Programator” are invited to fill in the application form located HERE

There you will also find, among others a schedule, project regulations and other documents necessary to apply to our Program.

If you have any questions, please contact at or by phone: 600-655-722 from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Information about the Programmer

Do you want to become a programmer, but you are afraid that you have no qualification in this field or are your experience related to another industry?

If so, the “PROGRAMATOR” program functioning as part of the Program with PO WER project if for you!

In 2020 there will be missing around 1 million programmers, specialists in writing programs and computer applications or website creators around the world. This trend also applies to Poland, Already over 50 000 specialists in the industry are missing, and it is estimated that the gap in the IT market will grow despite growing earnings.

The purpose of the program

The answer to the demand of the labor market is the Program and PO WER contest, the participants of which will acquire competences necessary to take us a job as programmer.

What can you gain?

The project will provide interest-free loans (up to 18 000 zł) for  various dorms of education from programming languages in a package with activities aimed at improving professional competences, including those concerning the acquisition or change of workplace.

For whom?

The program is addressed to people who are not familiar with programming and have no experience in the IT industry, but would like to retrain, regardless of age, education or status on the labor market.

Note – Bonus!

Each participant who completes the training and within 6 months will find employment as a programmer or coincide with the acquired qualifications will be discharged for repayment of the loan (remission of up to 100% of the repayable assistance).

Conditions of accession:

  • Minimum secondary education,
  • Lack of higher IT education and IT education,
  • Completing the “trial training” in programming before providing repayable assistance,
  • A test of the potential of a candidate as a programmer.