In Hołownie (Podedwórze municipality) in the voivodeship of The Land of Chamomile operates in Lublin a thematic village run by the Association for Activation Polesie Lubelskie. Hołowno is actually a land of chamomile (which is best seen from June to August when the surrounding meadows are not only green, but also white!), which they write about on their website: “There is a place where time stopped in place … here you can bake bread, make a pot of clay, find herbs “for sadness and hearts,” go on a quiet morning among chamomile fields and in the evening warm up by a bonfire or sweat in a sauna. “We have a huge sentiment for this social enterprise and its amazing crayons – Gabriela and Grażyna’s ladies. The Land of Chamomile was one of our first borrowers in the pilot program ES Fund TISE, and now it is also developing thanks to funds from the TISE-POWER program. We recommend a visit to Hołownia not only for a picnic!